Get your personalised fine art portrait

Sometimes you don't know how beautiful you are till you see yourself reflected in a timeless art portrait. 

For me,

I strive to create portraiture that reflects inner dimensions of people. I love to  create work that somehow reflects subtle nuances of your individual personality, your reality and your inner self. Well, kind of, I mean.


Fotografi Studio is a photography studio in Brisbane.  Get your personalised fine art portrait.  Award winning art portrait photographer.

Be your own wall art

Fine art portraiture

Style and Concepts

There is plenty of debate around what constitutes fine art.  For me, its a way of expressing the beauty of the human form in a subtle manner, using light, shadow, mood, emotion and artistry.

I love this style of portraiture, as for me its classic, timeless and beautiful. Its different from the photos on a regular phone, however advanced the mobile technology may have become. 


I like to think that we can create photos that you love so much that you might want to   frame and hang multiple photos as wall art in your home. That's the hope in any case!

In terms of style, we can discuss the kind of photos you like.  You can have a look at the pictures on this website, or look through other images on Pinterest or other sites and share some photos with me for inspiration.  We can discuss the concepts and plan the  shoot together. 

Alternatively,  we can discuss some ideas around the style and stories you love and come up with a plan for a stylised, conceptual shoot.   You could be a character in your own story or conceptual portrait.  Or you could bring some special objects that have special meaning for you and we can build them into your personalised fine art portrait. 

Personally, I love the Old Dutch Masters' style.; or I love story telling through photographs.   I try my own way of editing photos to achieve the painterly look.  If you like my style, its's wonderful, and I am sure we can create some beautiful portraits for you to treasure forever.

How it works

Bookings, shoot and images

Now to the nitty gritty stuff.  How the process works is as follows:

  • You can make a booking online for a shoot by clicking here:

  • Once we get confirmation of your booking and payment, we will contact you to confirm the date and time. We will also discuss the shoot and start planning the concepts, outfits and accessories.

  • On the day of the shoot, please come to our studio with a few different outfits (so we can choose) and accessories. For women, please make sure you have your hair and make up done. It is advisable to get it done professionally for best results.

  • At the start of the shoot, we ask you to sign a standard photography consent form and then do a fun shoot together. The idea is to take sufficient photos to give us a good selection. From all the photos, I select a few photos and do a base edit on them . This can take 2-3 weeks. Once the photos are ready, I invite you for a viewing session (we can do this online).  You can order one or more prints.

  • We then proceed with a final professional edit on the selected photos.  We then print them on high quality museum grade paper using archival ink.  Once your Wall Art is ready we can arrange pick up or delivery.

What to expect

Studio, props, outfits and other things

All the shoots are done at our beautiful studio in Pinjarra Hills.  The studio is fully fitted with professional photography gear and equipment.  We try to make sure that you feel very comfortable and relaxed at our studio and its a fun experience for you. Please read the testimonials of some of our other clients:

We do have a small selection of women's outfits in Size 8/10/12/ 14 that you are welcome to use at the shoot, if needed.

We shoot people of all ages, however we require anyone under 18 to be accompanied by their parent/ legal guardian.

Should you wish, we can submit your images for possible publication in fashion. art/ photography magazines.  We cannot guarantee that they will be published, but we have been published in multiple international print and digital magazines in the past. So, we can give it a try, if you wish. It is entirely your choice.

We look forward to the opportunity to make beautiful fine art photos for you.  Please feel free to call or message me anytime.