Posing Guide- What to expect

The Posing Guide is an excellent tool for photographers, models and everyday people who need an easy reference for posing for photos.  The Posing Guide is laid out in a very practical way.  It has over 1500 poses and can be used easily by anyone.  It can be used:

  • as a quick reference guide by photographers during their photoshoot for quick ideas

  • as a quick tool for models during their shoots.  Use your mobile phone and just swipe and copy the poses.

  • as a tool to practice poses before your shoot. It can also be used to do awesome selfies, if you like posting photos on your social media.


The Posing Guide  can be viewed on a computer screen or on your mobile, so it is very easy to use.  

I am a photographer and I know how much time  it takes to set up a shoot . I know from first hand experience  how during a shoot sometimes your mind can go blank on how to quickly change poses.  Therefore, we have made the posing menu in this Posing Guide very simple, easy and practical to use for you.  No fuss, just flip the pages one after the other and follow the professional model's poses.


  • WOMEN- QUICK 20 POSES (a total of 140 poses)

    • Women- sitting on chair (20 poses) - So, all you need to do is wear something nice,  pull out a chair and follow each pose. Just flip the page on the screen.  And vola! You will have 20 awesome photos in minutes.  You could change your outfit in between too, of course!

    • Women- sitting on stool (20 poses)

    • Women- standing (20 poses)

    • Women- on floor (20 poses)

    • Women- Corporate (20 poses)

    • Women- Classical/ Vintage (20 poses)

    • Women-Artistic (40 poses)

  • MEN- QUICK 20 POSES (a total of 140 poses)

    • Men- on chair (20 poses)

    • Men- on stool (20 poses)

    • Men- standing (20 poses)

    • Men- on floor (20 poses)

    • Men- Corporate (20 poses)

    • Men- Sport/ Fitness (20 poses)

    • Men-  Artistic (20 poses)

PLUS YOU GET AN ADDITIONAL 1500+ poses under the following categories:

  • Women Fashion- Sitting poses 

  • Women Fashion- Standing poses

  • Women Fashion- Reclining poses

  • Women- Corporate

  • Women- Classical/ Vintage

  • Women- Artistic

  • Men Fashion- Sitting poses 

  • Men Fashion- Standing poses

  • Men Fashion- Reclining poses

  • Men- Corporate

  • Men- Sport/ Fitness

  • Men- other

You can go through and select the poses for your shoot in advance.   Or, you can simply access the poses on your laptop or mobile during your shoot and click away!

Once you purchase your Posing Guide subscription, you will receive a receipt for your purchase by email.  You can then login to your account on this site to access the Posing Guide  tabs by signing into your account on this website.  

Fashion, Corporate, Fitness, Portrait & more

Women's Poses


900+ poses

for women, you will never run out of ideas. 

Just swipe, copy and shoot seamlessly!

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Men's Poses


The Posing Guide has over 600 poses for men. 

The poses are grouped systematically,  so you will save lots of time and effort.

There is a Quick 20 flow posing option that gives you 20 poses each for sitting, standing, reclining, corporate, fitness and boudoir- that is 140 quick poses under one tab.  This is a great tool for photographers and models.

In addition to the Quick 20 Tool, there are over 600 male poses under different sections.

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QUICK 20 Tab Overview