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Conversation WALLART

I remember decades ago, the above painting used to hang in my parents' lounge.  Whoever visited our home got told the meaning behind this work of art.  Whether they liked it or not, my dad would repeat this tale over and over again and various conversations about human values would ensue. So much so that this painting became a family heirloom that I have carried with me till today.  I don't know who painted it, nor its real artistic value.  But it remains a treasure in my home, a conversation starter that till this day keeps us feeling warm and fuzzy about our childhood. 

My art also aspires to start conversations.  I like to explore what lies beneath the human skin, the subtle, unspoken twists of the heart and thought. I hope you find something that catches more than your eye.  And, I might be overreaching, but I hope some day one of my works, deserving or not,  ends up as a family heirloom in someone's home as a fond childhood memory.

Some of my works below have won multiple accolades in international fine art photography competitions.  Hope you enjoy browsing through the gallery.

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